Ramlotec offers arange of services that include Bulk SMS, Free Fax to E-Mail,Intenet Access, mobile Internet Access, Technicel Support, Software Development, Web Development, Web Hosting , PC Support, Consulting , Sales, Internet Security, Bussiness Solutions, & Networking.

Business Solutions

Our Consultative and partnership approach to providing solution helps us to determine our customer's business requirements, and enables us to promply accomodate our customer's evolving needs to give them competitive advantage.

Software Development

We build Software solutions with our customer involved, from analysis to implementation, following best practices standards. We also provide online offsite backup services to our clients. Price list...

Bulk SMSs

Bulk SMS Service offers you the opportunity to send single or bulk SMSs to subscribers of various cellular network operators. In other words you can send an SMS to recipients whom are subscribed to MTM, Cell C, and Vodacom all in one go). Price list...

Internet Security

For best internet security, We at Ramlotec provide you with Kaspersky Antivirus which is an acknowleged internet security market leader.Internet users worldwide choose Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus, anti-hacker, anti-spam, and ant-spy ware products for their exceptional detection rates, timely virus analysis and high quality services.

Kaspersky antivirus solutions protect home PCs, workstations, mail and file servers and internet gateways. In addition you also get centralized admin tools, anti-spam systems, personal firewall, and protection for mobile devices including Palm OS, Pocket PCs, and smart phones

Online Offside Backup solutions

Gbackup, our online offsite backup system, offers a secure, efficient, reliable, simple and flexible fully automated remote backup service. No matter where you are as long as your computer is switched on, and has internet connectivity, your backups will be done

Some of the features you enjoy

- Automatic, unattended online backups
- Works over the internet or local network
- Extreme compression – up to 90%(for maximum   bandwidth)
- Automatic file selection
- Secure data storage – up to 448-bit variable key   Blowfish Encryption
- Activity reports
- E-mail notifications of incomplete or failed backups
- No tapes, no hassles

Web Hosting Servives

With our Web Hosting service, you have a choice of 2Meg up to 500Meg packages.
You also get the following

- Affordable domain name registration
- the expected site hosting benefits such as high bandwidth   and powerful servers
- complete control over your domain whenever and   wherever you want it.
- lower prices than most other ISP's with no hidden costs   (such as per Mb transfer costs). price list...

Web Design Services

Ramlotec develops two type of Proffesional website

- Static Websites
- Dynamic Websites (Includes Animations)
- Logos
- Animations

Internet access Services

We offer a variety of internet connection options

- Normal analogue 56k dialup.
- 64k and 128k ISDN Services.
- Capped ADSL services.
- Capped Plus ADSL services.
- Uncapped ADSL.
- Uncapped Business ADSL with Static IP ddress.
- Uncapped BusinessADSL via fibre with Static IP Address.

A more detailed topic about our internet access services can be downloaded. Download

Mobile Internet Access


- Provides you with continued high-speed   connectivity for your corporate or personal needs,   through broadband internet and email services.
- Within the area of the base station closest to you, you can   maintain this connection in an always-on mode.     
  You no longer need to wait until you get to a place which   provides connectivity

Why iBurst

- It’s mobile – use your modem anywhere in iBurst    coverage area
- It’s fast – get high speed Internet and email access
- It’s wireless – no wires means no messy installation
- It’s always on – there is no need to keep connecting
- It’s affordable – tailored packages will suit your needs at    affordable rates
- It’s instant – it’s easy to install. No delays, no mess no    fuss
- It’s great service – superior customer service guaranteed
- It’s empowered – the only black owned telecoms license   holder in South Africa






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